Management team and board members

The Board of Directors manages the Academia Raetica and has the following duties in particular:

  • provide strategic leadership to the association

  • execute the resolutions of the General Assembly

  • decide on the admission and exclusion of members of the association

  • deal with suggestions, applications and complaints from the members of the association, the members of the Board of Directors and the office

  • prepare the general meeting

  • approve the annual program and the budget

  • pass resolutions on the rules of procedure, regulations and contracts, such as performance agreements and employment

  • elect the managing director as well as the members of the Program Committee

  • appoint and dismiss task forces

The Academia Raetica, along with its members, established the Ethics Commission for Research and Development in Graubünden (EKFE-GR) in 2023. Its purpose is to assess the ethical legitimacy of research projects in fields such as economics, education, data management, robotics, etc., for researchers from Graubünden.

The Program Committee is composed of doctoral students, postdocs and scientists who represent specifically the needs of younger researchers. The Program Committee meets twice a year and discusses in particular the topics of support, networking and transferable skills training of young scientists.

Management team


Ethics commission for research and devolopment in Graubünden

Program committee

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