Daniela Heinen

Project Manager Science Communication and Professional Skills Development

phone +41 81 410 60 84

Daniela Heinen was born in Cologne, Germany in 1978. She has been working for the Academia Raetica since 2012 and was employed by its subsidiary Graduate School Graubünden in the period 2014-2020. Among her main responsibilities are the conference "Graubünden forscht", communication projects, and the transferable skills program for researchers.

She studied North American Studies, History, and Economics at the University of Bonn and the Free University of Berlin. In 2004, she graduated with an MA in North American Studies and History. Before moving to the Grisons in 2011, she worked as a logistics manager for an international ski racing program in Wanaka, New Zealand and in marketing for a German trade fair company.

Daniela Heinen

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