Dr. Britta Allgöwer


“Research means entering new territory and wanting to challenge yourself constantly. Nature, culture, and the research landscape of the Grisons provide an ideal environment for this.”

Britta Allgöwer was elected President of the Academia Raetica in June 2020. Until the end of May 2020, she was the Director of the Lucerne Museum of Natural History. She studied agronomy at ETH Zurich. In 1989, she obtained her doctorate in the field of agriculture / food sciences with a thesis on the chemistry and technology of the so far sparsely investigated goat's milk.

After two years at the Office for Spatial Development in the Grisons, Britta Allgöwer joined the Institute of Geography at the University of Zurich. There she developed the Geographical Information System (GIS) of the Swiss National Park and brought it to operational maturity. It was in this environment that her main research direction crystallized: research into natural processes, in particular forest fires in Switzerland and other countries. Within the framework of various research projects of the EU and the Swiss National Science Foundation, she and her colleagues carried out numerous studies on fire propagation and fire ecology. At the same time, she was involved in wildlife biology issues and landscape modelling. The latter was one of the dominant topics in the National Research Program NRP48 “Landscapes and Habitats of the Alps”, in which Britta Allgöwer was involved with two projects as a Principal Investigator.

In 2006 Britta Allgöwer took over the development work for the Science City Davos before becoming director of the Lucerne Museum of Natural History in 2011. During her time in Lucerne, more than 50 temporary exhibitions on current scientific topics were presented.

Britta Allgöwer is active on a voluntary basis in various functions: among others, she is president of the Natural Sciences Society of the Grisons (Naturforschende Gesellschaft Graubünden), member of the Cantonal Commission for Culture of the Grisons, member of the jury of the Prix Expo of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (scnat). Since June 2017, she serves as President of KORA, the Foundation for Research on Predator Ecology and Wildlife Management in Switzerland.

Dipl. Ing.-Agr. ETH, Dr. sc. techn. Britta Allgöwer
Dählenwaldstrasse 12
7265 Davos Wolfgang Switzerland


Britta Allgöwer

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