Noemi Adam-Graf, ikg

Noemi Adam-Graf studied German and Italian linguistics and literature at the University of Zurich after completing her bilingual Matura (German and Italian) at the Cantonal School of the Grisons. In 2018, she completed her master's degree. Since October 2018, she has been working on her PhD topic "Perceived and lived language and dialect diversity in the Grisons. The linguistic area of the Grisons from a perceptual-dialectological perspective" at the Institut für Kulturforschung Graubünden and the University of Zurich.

In addition to her research, Noemi Adam-Graf is also interested in teaching. Since 2018, parallel to working on her dissertation, she has been teaching Italian at the Cantonal School of the Grisons in Chur. Before starting work on her dissertation, Noemi Adam-Graf worked as a teacher at the ibW Höhere Fachschule and as a tutor and research assistant at the University of Zurich.

All three cantonal languages play an important role in Noemi Adam-Graf's everyday life: she grew up speaking German, learned Italian at school and came into contact with Romansh through her husband.

From the collaboration with Valeria Manna, whom Noemi Adam-Graf met in the program committee, the idea for a doctoral colloquium was born. Since September 2019, the colloquium "Regional research in Graubünden" has met on a regular basis. A small group gathers every few months for a moderated exchange.

Photo credit: Daniela Heinen

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