The Academia Raetica is the association of the sciences in the canton of Graubünden. It was founded in 2006 and represents over twenty member organizations, namely research institutes, universities and clinics, some of which have been active in research for over 100 years. The Academia Raetica connects and supports its members in collaboration projects among each other as well as with research institutions outside the canton. It interacts with cantonal offices and promotes dialogue between the various disciplines. It also informs the public and politicians about the social and economic importance of research in the canton. Today, Academia Raetica also supports the government in implementing its university, research and innovation strategies. Since 2009, it has been reporting monthly on research in Graubünden in the Bündner Woche.

The integration of the Graduate School Graubünden, founded in 2014, into Academia Raetica as of January 2021 will sharpen the profile of Academia Raetica and enable it to deploy its resources more effectively.

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