Driving and parking

Speed limits and penalties

You always need to turn on the headlights when you are driving, even during the daytime. Check out speed limits and the penalties for driving too fast. Winter tires are not compulsory in Switzerland, but they are indispensable during winter in the Grisons. You should also keep a pair of snow chains in the trunk during the winter months, if you do not have a four-wheel drive. A four-wheel drive is an advantage in the mountains.


It is very common that you have to pay a fee for public parking in Switzerland, even in small villages. It is customary that you have to pay in advance in public parking lots and also in covered car parks. In many alpine villages, an overnight parking ban applies in public car parks during winter. In Davos, the monthly rent for a covered parking spot is around CHF 120.

Motor charge sticker

If you are going to drive on the Swiss highways and some national roads, you will have to purchase a motor charge sticker (“Autobahnvignette”) for CHF 40. he motorway charge sticker is valid from December 1 of the year prior to that printed on the sticker through to January 31 of the year following that printed on the sticker.

Stickers are available at customs offices, petrol stations, and post offices in Switzerland. Petrol stations abroad, which are close to the Swiss border, sell them as well. Attach the sticker to the windshield of your car. You will find a map of all toll roads on the website of the Federal Customs Administration under “Further Information”.

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Driving and parking

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