Geschäftsführer Professor Ziegler im Gespräch mit Cardio-CARE Mitarbeitenden. Bild: Cardio-CARE



Cardio-CARE at Medizincampus Davos, Switzerland, is funded by the Kühne Foundation. With 13 million Swiss Francs, it enables the largest research program to date for genome decoding in German-speaking regions. The main aims of this project is to

• better understand the genetic basic of cardiovascular diseases,

• improve its diagnosis, and

• identify drug targets.

This multidisciplinary project benefits from the intensive collaboration between the Kühne Foundation, the University Medical Center Zurich (USZ), and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

Cardio-CARE AG
Herman-Burchard-Strasse 1
7265 Davos Wolfgang

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