Ocean Extremes – from heatwaves to biogeochemical compound events

WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Gruber, Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zurich

The ocean is warming, losing oxygen and being acidified, primarily as a result of anthropogenic carbon emissions. With these trends projected to increase for decades, extreme events, such as marine heatwaves, will intensify, occur more often, persist for longer periods of time and extend over larger regions. Compound events are of particular concern, as their individual effects may interact synergistically, impacting marine organisms and ecosystems particularly strongly.

  • Uhrzeit: 10:30 - 11:30

  • Ort: Englersaal, WSL Birmensdorf and Zoom-Webinar (Link follows)

  • Moderator: Gian-Kasper Plattner

  • Sprache: English

  • Veranstaltungstyp: Distinguished Lectures

  • Zielpublikum: all interested in this topic

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