2. Researchers Beer

Academia Raetica

Casual conversations on research and leisure time in German or English

The Davos research institutes ARI, CK-CARE, PMOD, SIAF and SLF employ more than 300 researchers – and many times that number of research-interested locals and guests populate the “Science City”.

With the aim of encouraging interaction, Academia Raetica (www.academiaraetica.ch)  and Kulturplatz Davos (www.kulturplatz-davos.ch) are launching the “Researchers Beer” on the first Tuesday of every month.

Special guest, April 5: Louise Harra, Director of the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos (PMOD), will give us an exciting, brief look at the journey of the Solar Orbiter spacecraft, where PMOD instruments are currently collecting important data on the Sun. (Talk in English.)

The event will be held in English.

Louise Harra

"The Full Sun Imager of the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager on board the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft captured a giant solar eruption on 15 February 2022. Solar prominences are large structures made of tangled magnetic field lines that keep dense concentrations of solar plasma suspended above the Sun’s surface and often take the form of arching loops. This is the largest solar prominence eruption ever observed in a single image together with the full solar disc." Image credit: Solar Orbiter/EUI Team/ESA & NASA Source: https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2022/02/Solar_Orbiter_captures_giant_solar_eruption, last accessed March 3, 2022

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