1st Researchers Beer

Academia Raetica, Kulturplatz Davos

Out of consideration for participating vulnerable persons, masks are compulsory on this occasion. We are happy to provide you with a mask and thank you for your understanding and support.

Casual conversations on research and leasure time

The Davos research institutes ARI, CK-CARE, PMOD, SIAF and SLF employ more than 300 researchers - and many times that number of research-interested locals and guests populate the “Science City”.

With the aim of encouraging interaction, Academia Raetica (www.academiaraetica.ch)  and Kulturplatz Davos (www.kulturplatz-davos.ch) are launching the “Researchers Beer” on the first Tuesday of every month.

Information on the Corona measures then in effect will follow.

Special guest, March 1: Nadine Salzmann, CERC

"Since 1 July 2021, the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) has had a new Alpine Environment and Natural Hazards research unit (RU). As part of the Climate Change, Extreme Events and Natural Hazards in Alpine Regions Research Centre (CERC), the RU carries out research in the fields of permafrost, alpine mass movements, mountain ecosystems and alpine remote sensing. Dr Nadine Salzmann took over as head of the new unit in mid-October 2021."

Source: Interview with Dr. Nadine Salzmann: https://www.wsl.ch/en/news/2021/10/an-interview-with-dr-nadine-salzmann-the-new-head-of-the-slfs-alpine-environment-and-natural-hazards-research-unit.html

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