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SUPSI Landquart


The Rehabilitation and Clinical Movement Science Group is an integral part of the SUPSI Rehabilitation Research Laboratory 2rLab (Manno), located in Landquart (GR). The team of scientists in the fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation has expertise in the study of physiological mechanisms to improve clinical practice, on which therapeutic interventions are based.

Another research focus is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanisms, interactions, and efficacy of various physical therapy applications and rehabilitation programs.

The research group has a lot of experience and extensive expertise in conducting high quality applied clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses in the field of (sports) physiotherapy, rehabilitation and clinical exercise science. The results are published in scientific peer-reviewed literature and technical literature.

The research center in Landquart is a well-equipped research laboratory with modern technology to study a wide range of physiological (e.g. peripheral blood flow, muscle and cerebral oxygenation) and functional rehabilitation (EMG, movement analysis of human performance and recovery). We are happy to serve as consultants to research, industry, and clinics.

The Rehabilitation and Clinical Movement Science Research Group has five main goals:

  • To conduct modern, state of the art applied research.

  • To investigate the fundamental mechanisms underlying therapeutic effects

  • Advance the fields of rehabilitation and clinical exercise science

  • Develop new therapeutic strategies and technologies to improve rehabilitation

  • Actively engage to close the gap between science, health teaching and practice

SUPSI Landquart
Weststrasse 8
7302 Landquart

Phone +41 81 300 01 70,


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