8 weeks after removal of the M3 in the, a 3cm defect is created in the mandible. The defect is filled with a cage specifically 3-D printed for and the mandible double plated. The cage is filled with a cancellous bone graft, harvested from the ileac wing during the same surgery. Preclinical facilities, ARI, Davos, 2018 Copyright: AO Foundation Communication and Events / Steffen Kruse

AO Research Institute Davos

PhD students

The AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) occupies a leading position worldwide in the field of preclinical research for trauma surgery and orthopedics. The research work at the headquarters in Davos contributes significantly to Davos being recognized as a research location.

Basic research at the ARI focuses on solving significant clinical problems. Renowned scientists live and work in Davos, and the ARI offers them a unique opportunity to collaborate with recognized healthcare experts. The strategic partnership results in high-quality research in which the ARI plays a leading role. In this way, ARI contributes to the fulfillment of the AO mission.

The AO Fracture Monitor is the latest achievement in the field of sensor technology and has the potential to contribute substantially to the optimization of patient recovery. In addition, the ARI plays a critical role in the treatment of fracture-related infections, which are a significant problem in this specialty.

The continued development of the preclinical department demonstrates the impact that the ARI has with its research. Each year, the ARI hosts the eCM Conference, which has become one of the most important events in basic trauma and orthopaedic research. In doing so, ARI demonstrates its commitment to an open research culture.

AO Research Institute
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos Platz Switzerland

Phone +41 81 414 21 11

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