Technology pilot for nature conservation

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) , the SNP, the non-profit organization Porini Foundation, and technology partner Huawei Switzerland are entering into a promising partnership to further enhance the efficiency of nature conservation in the Swiss National Park through the use of cutting-edge technology solutions.

IUCN and Huawei have jointly launched a global Tech4Nature partnership under the umbrella of Huawei's TECH4ALL initiative. Tech4Nature aims to provide knowledge, technology, and resources to protected areas around the world so that nature can be protected more effectively and powerfully. Through Tech4Nature, new and tailored digital technologies are being tested in defined reference areas in five different countries to see how they can increase the impact of conservation.
As a result, it will be possible to measure and evaluate the success of conservation in 300 protected areas worldwide using the "IUCN Green List Standard". This standard serves as a guide for the appropriate use of technology to support conservation in a growing global partnership.

The Swiss National Park was selected for this program as the first flagship of the "Alpine Site" category. Located in the canton of Graubünden, the park is designated as a strict nature reserve (IUCN category Ia) and forms part of the UNESCO Engiadina Val Müstair Biosphere Reserve. The National Park was founded in 1914 and is the first area in Switzerland to receive IUCN Green List status. This in recognition of efficient management and balanced administration, as well as an excellent record in nature conservation and research in the Alpine region.

"The Tech4Nature project demonstrates the great potential of the IUCN Green List for global partnerships, and the flagship project in Switzerland is an inspiring example. As part of the IUCN 'Green List Community' and awarded IUCN 'Green List' status for its effectiveness, the Swiss National Park can advance the innovative partnership between conservation and technology for the benefit of natural resources," says Trevor Sandwith, Director of IUCN's Global Protected and Conserved Areas Programme.

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Photo credit: Schweizerischer Nationalpark / Hans Lozza

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