Graubünden forscht – Awards for young researchers

The diversity of research carried out in Graubünden was the focus of the two-day conference "Graubünden forscht" at the Davos Congress Center. The most important aim of "Graubünden forscht" was to stimulate exchange between the various research disciplines. At the same time, the fifty or so young scientists presenting their topics had to simplify them in such a way that they could be understood by people from other disciplines. This was all the more important as the Academia Raetica had invited the general public to attend the talks in English and German on the second day. The audience, including a hundred high school students from Davos, Ftan and Zuoz, was able to rate the lectures from the humanities, natural sciences, medical sciences and social sciences using an app.

Based on the audience vote and a prior expert evaluation, the best presentations in the various disciplines were determined. Seven researchers were delighted to receive prize money of five hundred Swiss francs each. In her master's thesis at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF and ETH Zurich, awardee Marion Caduff investigated the protective function of mountain forests after a bark beetle outbreak. Asked about the recipe for a successful presentation, she named three points: Enthusiasm for one's research topic, openness to accept feedback and learn from it, and last but not least, taking every opportunity to practice presenting. Doctoral student Conrad Schwanitz, who conducts research at the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos and ETH Zurich, is also happy about his award: "We astrophysicists are often assumed to be doing something completely incomprehensible. So to explain my research on plasma flows on the Sun to the audience in a clear way, I used pictures and everyday examples rather than formulas."

For those who missed "Graubünden forscht," the "Researchers Beer" at Kulturplatz Davos on October 4 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. offers an opportunity to hear a sample of the best presentations again.

Academia Raetica, as the organizer of "Graubünden forscht", also used the congress to honor researchers who have successfully completed their doctorate at an institution in Graubünden during the last four years. Eleven researchers received their award in person at the conference dinner in the Waldhotel Davos.

"Graubünden forscht" will take place for the next time in 2024.

Article Davoser Zeitung, September 27 (PDF)
Radiotalk SRF1 Regionaljournal Graubünden, September 21: Graubünden forscht

Artikel: Davoser Zeitung vom 27. September 2022, S. 8-9

Die Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger von «Graubünden forscht» zusammen mit den Verantwortlichen für die Academia Raetica V.l.n.r.: Barbara Haller Rupf, Geschäftsführerin Academia Raetica; Britta Allgöwer, Präsidentin Academia Raetica; Selina Steiner, Fachhochschule Graubünden; Danielle Fehr, CK-CARE; Conrad Schwanitz, PMOD/WRC; Marion Caduff, SLF; Francesca Suter, Pädagogische Hochschule Graubünden; Gregor Miklosic, AO Forschungsinstitut Davos; Daphne van der Heide, AO Forschungsinstitut Davos; Gion Lechmann, Leiter Amt für Höhere Bildung / Kanton Graubünden. Bild: Johannes Frigg

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