Academia Raetica has a new director

As of April 1, the Academia Raetica has a new director: The 56-year-old geographer and Executive MBA Barbara Haller Rupf from Felsberg succeeds Duri Bezzola, who is leaving the Academia Raetica after six years due to retirement. During his time at the Academia Raetica, Duri Bezzola succeeded in creating a strong bridge between the academically active institutions and the political bodies of Graubünden.

Barbara Haller Rupf previously held various management positions in the education sector and in tourism research in Switzerland and in China, among other places. She is looking forward to supporting researchers and research institutions in their work and to bringing the population and science closer together: "I consider it an exciting challenge and a great gift to be able to carry out my new role in the Alps - a very special place for living and working!"

The Davos-based Academia Raetica connects and represents the scientifically active institutions, clinics and universities in the canton of Graubünden. As of January 1, 2021, the cantonal government  issued Academia Raetica a four-year performance mandate for the further development of the various services for science. Academia Raetica contributes to making the sciences in Graubünden a strong pillar of economic and social development and innovation. It also supports the Graubünden government in the development and implementation of cantonal strategies in the areas of higher education, research and innovation.

Duri Bezzola und Barbara Haller vor dem Rathaus der Gemeinde Davos. Copyright: Daniela Heinen

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