How Switzerland got rich

Kulturplatz Davos

Talk by Prof. Dr. Patrick Ziltener

Today, Switzerland is one of the richest, most globalized and economically competitive countries in the world. How did it develop from a resource-poor and backward country in a world dominated by empires? How did it lock into the emerging world economy without a navy and even a seaport? How did Swiss companies become globally competitive in many sectors? The presentation explains the factors that made that success possible, without neglecting controversial topics. (Presentation in English)


CHF 17.- Sitzplatz

Ermässigt (Mitglieder KP/KgK / Gästekarte):
CHF 15.- Sitzplatz

Ermässigt (Junges Publikum bis 18 J. / Lernende / Studierende mit Ausweis / Kulturlegi):
CHF 10.- Sitzplatz


Kulturplatz Davos
Promenade 58C
7270 Davos Platz

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