AO Trauma Course—Advanced Principles of Fracture Management

AO Foundation


Online precourse self-assessment prepares participants for the course and allows the faculty to tailor the course to the needs of the participants. The course will be taught in a modular format. Each module consists of several evidence-based lectures, which will cover the key information required. In practical exercises participants will be trained in the application of various techniques. Discussing cases in small groups will help participants to understand decision-making and management skills. After the course an online postcourse self-assessment will provide participants with an opportunity to review the important topics from the course. To support self-directed learning, a range of additional online resources will be offered. *** Details are subject to change ***

Target participants

The course is targeted at surgeons at the threshold of becoming independent surgeons and taking over decision-making responsibility for the treatment of complex injuries. Participants must have already completed the Basic Principles Course.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

• Apply reduction techniques in fracture management with attention to soft tissues

• Assess and treat complex diaphyseal and (peri)articular fractures using advanced application techniques

• Demonstrate strategies for assessing and treating open fractures and soft-tissue injuries

• Initiate appropriate management for patients with pelvic injuries and polytrauma

• Recognize complications and manage these accordingly


Thomas Large

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