AO Davos Courses

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The AO Davos Courses 2022 offers you a chance to actively engage in your course as well as opportunities to:

  • Interact with over 355 international faculty.

  • Expand your professional network by establishing contacts and new relationships with colleagues, including faculty and participants from over 90 countries.

  • Meet the AO's global community. Our top experts from our clinical specialties, institutes, and initiatives are all present in Davos.

  • Visit the AO experience or take a tour of our headquarters, the AO Center, to gain insight into the AO's ongoing activities and resources available to support you in your clinical work.

  • Experience the AO spirit of collegiality and camaraderie that is felt by participants and faculty alike since 1960.

  • Earn European continuing medical education (CME) credits and an AO course certificate!

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