3 The impact of your voice!

Academia Raetica

General information and fee

  • Dates:

  • Language: English

  • Lecturer: Michael Berndonner

  • Target audience: all scientists

  • Course fee for participants from Academia Raetica member or partner institutions: CHF 180

  • External participants (not working at an Academia Raetica member or partner institution): CHF 350

  • Registration deadline: May 15, 2023

  • Max. number participants: 12 (min. number participants 8)

  • Our terms and conditions

  • Course Coordinator: Daniela Heinen, daniela.heinen@academiaraetica.ch, phone 081 410 60 84

  • Credit points: This training requires 17.5 hours of attendance. Please check with your supervisor at your university, if the course counts towards ECTS.

  • Course certificate: You will receive a certificate of attendance, if you attend the entire course.

Course outline

Our voice is our instrument. It gives us power or takes it away from us. And: Our voice has an impact. What effect would you like to achieve in front of an audience or in conversations?

How can I use my voice in an impactful and powerful way? How can I train my voice? How should I take care of it? How do I keep it supple and flexible into old age? The use of the voice needs to be learned - as with any instrument. Through appropriate training of breath and voice, we speak sonorous and well articulated. With a long breath we save a lot of energy in everyday life. The aim is a relaxed, economical use of voice, clear and expressive speaking. In the truest sense of the word, it's about “hitting the right tone”.

In the course we deal with the voice itself in a very practical way. We look at its organic structure and function and train it in exercises that are sometimes unusual but always with a lot of fun. You will receive feedback and will train based on that feedback. The course is a great opportunity to prepare for the WIRM and eCM conferences in July 2023 in Davos.

As an encore, Michael will introduce you to the world of flipchart design. You will work creatively and try out how voice, body language and flipchart visualization work.


You will expand your action options regarding the presentation of scientific content. You will reflect your way of public speaking in general and the use and impact of your voice and body-language in particular.


You will be able to…

… apply specific techniques to optimize the use of your voice while giving a speech or presenting.
… maintain good voice resonance in a challenging situation.
… have a better control over nervousness, breathing and carrying capacity of your voice.


Your trainer and coach...

  • moderates and initializes general and individual feedback for each participant.

  • moderates and initializes training and personal improvement, based on the feedback-process. 

  • will gently nudge you out of your comfort-zone.

And all that: with a lot of fun and joy in presenting


Image by G. Altmann / Pixabay

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