11 Become your own time manager - CANCELLED

Academia Raetica

"Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." ― Ray Cummings (1922)

  • Date: Friday, October 27

  • Location: PMOD, Dorfstrasse 33, Davos Dorf

  • Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

  • Language: English

  • Lecturer: Dr. Michael Bründl / Manage Science

  • Course fee for participants from Academia Raetica member or partner institutions: CHF 100

  • External participants (not working at an Academia Raetica member or partner institution): CHF 150

  • Registration deadline: October 8

  • Max. number participants: 12 (min. number participants 8)

  • Our terms and conditions

  • Course Coordinator: Daniela Heinen, daniela.heinen@academiaraetica.ch, phone 081 410 60 84

  • Credit points: This training requires 8 hours of attendance (with breaks) plus ~1 hour preliminary work. Please check with your supervisor at your university, if the course counts towards ECTS.

  • Course certificate: You will receive a certificate of attendance, if you complete the course.

Time management is about managing our professional and private tasks to meet deadlines, deliver results and to create impact without losing the focus for individual aims and visions. To develop time management skills in a scientific environment inherits special challenges, since research is fundamentally exploratory, and often unpredictable. This interactive workshop will provide common time management techniques to manage both, professional and private tasks with a specific focus on the scientific setting.

Participants will learn how to set priorities, design the day, plan a week and reflect individual habits and preferences. Further, the training will help to identify massive time consumers, shows tricks how to handle disturbances and how to deal with procrastination.

This comprehensive workshop imparts an overview of time management skills for doctoral candidates and / or postdocs of all disciplines. The workshop will help young scientists to develop highly valued transferable competencies to enhance their professional portfolio.


The workshop is organized over one day. Ahead of the workshop participants are asked to return a short feedback about their expectation in the training including a short analysis of their personal time management. This information will provide the base of the workshop set-up, the selection of topics and exercises. Based on the online form, participants will receive a short feedback before the workshop.

During the training participants will get theoretical introduction into the topic by the trainer, work on self-reflections and attend group discussions in break out rooms.

The course material will be distributed as PDF files to all participants before and during the workshop by the trainer.


Participants who complete this comprehensive workshop know keys to time management, how to plan tasks and how to design the day.

Keys to time management

  • Define aims

  • Identify essentials

  • Set priorities

Plan your tasks

  • Win time by planning

  • Performance curve

  • Daily/weekly plan

Design your day

  • Say no!

  • From stress to flow

  • How to deal with disturbances


  • Procrastination

  • Concept of tiny steps to success


Image by G. Altmann / Pixabay

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