Academia Raetica

April 28, 2021 – April 29, 2021

A PhD is a big undertaking and avoiding any friction between you and your co- workers is imperative. Building good productive working relationships with all your colleagues is essential to the smooth attainment of your project goals.

This workshop includes techniques to help attendees form and maintain productive, mutually profitable working associations with supervisors, collaboration and external partners and other team members.

The knock-on effects of this are huge: Stress is reduced, motivation is increased and time is used more effectively.
This workshop covers:
1.    Ensuring clear communication and managing expectations
2.    Defining your boundaries and balancing differing motivations
3.    The essentials of persuasion and negotiation
4.    Resolving conflict and dealing with differing communication styles
5.    Interacting with people of differing grades in the hierarchy

Participants will learn useful, easy-to-follow guidelines which will enable them to build and maintain productive working relationships with the people they work with. This workshop will teach participants techniques to correctly manage the situations that often lead to misunderstandings and conflict. By reducing friction and being able to focus on the science, participants can become more productive.

Workshop style
The workshop draws on the personal experience of all participants as well as that of the trainer, thereby ensuring that the training is specific for and relevant to the participants’ individual needs. The workshop will be a structured discussion forum to facilitate ideas and develop strategies.

The workshop will be very interactive. Expect to be asked lots of questions, expect to be challenged, expect to participate!

Format and Language: Online / English

Lecturer: Rob Thompson

Date and times: April 28-29, both days 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM and 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM

The workshop is especially suited for PhD students, others can join upon request

Participation fee: CHF 120

Max. 10 participants

Registration opens February 16, 2021. (Link will appear here).