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“Graubünden is a vibrant research location. Many of its high quality research institutions have grown historically. They are a benefit for Graubünden that needs to be treasured.”

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Minsch is chief economist and member of the executive board of economiesuisse. He heads the division for economic policy, education, and health. Rudolf Minsch is visiting professor for economic policy at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, where he was full a professor of economics until taking up his employment with economiesuisse.
Rudolf Minsch received a degree in economics from the University of St. Gallen. Afterwards he participated in the “Program for Beginning Doctoral Students” at the foundation of the Swiss National Bank in Gerzensee. He then furthered his studies at Boston University. In 2002, he received his doctorate with the thesis “Relative Prices and Inflation. An Empirical Analysis of Firm-Level Price Data from Selected Swiss Service Industries”.
Rudolf Minsch lives with his family in Klosters.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Minsch
Chief economist/Director General Economic Policy and Education
Hegibachstrasse 47
8032 Zürich
phone +41 49 421 35 18