The Swiss National Park (SNP) is the largest wilderness area and the only national park in Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1914, it has pursued three overarching goals: Nature conservation, public relations/environmental education, and research. Nearly 100 research projects of various natural and social science disciplines from Switzerland and abroad deal with the SNP and its surroundings. The research activities are coordinated by the SNP and its Research Commission (located at the Swiss Academy of Sciences, SCNAT). The SNP also has a natural science research group that carries out projects in which theses from bachelor’s to doctoral level, as well as internships and civil service, can be carried out.

Year of founding: 1914
Personnel: 44
Doctoral students: 5

Schweizerischer Nationalpark
Schloss Planta-Wildenberg
7530 Zernez
phone +41 81 851 41 11