The Foundation for Gastroenterological Surgery emerged in 1989 from a working group for gastroenterological surgery, which in 1984 carried out the first hands-on course in Davos. Since then, more than 5’000 medical doctors have attended the courses. The board of trustees consists exclusively of habilitated surgeons from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, and the Scandinavian countries. Like the rest of the faculty, and the table instructors, they offer their time and expertise free of charge. The object and purpose of the foundation is the promotion of young surgeons and surgeons in training. The focus is on gastroenterological surgical techniques that are taught once a year in a one-week course in Davos.

Year of founding: 1989
Personnel: 3

Administration and Registration Office
GI-Course Secretariat
c/o ak-medizin
Hübel 14
4333 Münchwilen
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