Academia Raetica has been a partner of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property IGE/IPI since the end of 2019 and as such offers the service of assisted patent searches and patent landscape analyses.
With more than 120 million documents, the patent databases represent a fantastic knowledge library that is often only accessible in patent documents. This patent information is therefore an indispensable source of information on technologies and market developments. Developers, researchers, business developers and managers can benefit equally from these sources.

A patent search…
… inspires – you might find technical solutions that you had never previously thought of
… prevents you from redeveloping something that already exists
… determines patentability – it shows whether your invention is new and inventive and therefore patentable
….protects you from infringing on patent rights of others

Among other things, a patent landscape analysis can be used to investigate:
–          What technological trends can be identified?
–          Who is new to the market, who has withdrawn?
–          Who are the most active applicants and inventors? Who are competitors or potential partners?
–          How are the applicants and inventors connected to each other and by which cooperation?
–          Where are the geographical priorities?

Link to Video “Assisted Patent Search”

This service is offered by the IGE in Berne, and by a variety of partners at other locations, such as in Davos at Academia Raetica or in Chur at the KMU-Zentrum Graubünden.

You as the customer are connected to the patent expert of IGE via an online meeting solution. The IGE expert will only carry out a search if you are present at one of the partners’ premises. You will receive a search report and any other documents by e-mail once the search has been finalized.

The fee for an assisted patent search is CHF 300 (including VAT), which covers the service for half a day. The partner does not charge any additional fees.
Assisted patent searches und assisted patent landscape analyses until 31 December 2020 for CHF 100 instead of CHF 300

Questions to the IGE partner in Davos (Academia Raetica): 081 410 60 80 oder
You can register online at any time for an assisted patent search. For questions to the IGE, please contact the Contact Center: 031 377 77 77 or by e-mail: . Further information can be found on the website