Academia Raetica is the platform organisation and primary contact point for university level research and education in the Canton of Grisons. It combines twenty-two nationally and internationally renowned member institutions working in in the areas of Medicine and Life Sciences, Technical and Natural Sciences, and Humanities and ten partner organisations. The members are self-standing institutions with nationally or internationally recognized excellence in a variety of scientific areas. Aims of Academia Raetica are 1) the promotion of research and education and the demonstration of their scientific and economic significance for the Canton of Grisons, 2) the fostering of interactions among its research institutions and with universities and enterprises, and 3) the public information on volume, expertise and outcomes of research in the Grisons. Academia Raetica opened its offices in Davos in 2009. Davos boasts a significant concentration of research.

In October 2012, the Canton of Grisons established the legal basis for the future development of Research and Education and the strengthening of the research institutions domiciled in the Canton by unanimously endorsing the Law on Universities and Research (Gesetz über Hochschulen und Forschung). The law allows the Canton of Grisons to issue agreements regarding subsidies to institutions of higher education and research institutions. A contribution to the base funding of research institutes alleviates the disadvantages resulting from their peripheral location. Academia Raetica collaborates closely with the authorities of the Canton of Grisons and supports their activities in Research and Education. Academia Raetica contributes to the implementation of the Law on Universities and Research.

The Graduate School Graubünden is an institution of the Academia Raetica, which provides various scientific services. It promotes the training, work, and development of young scientists in Graubünden, strengthens research institutions through networking and cooperation and supports the canton in implementing its university and research strategy.  The Academia Raetica founded the Graduate School Graubünden in Davos in 2013. Together with other Academia Raetica institutions, the Graduate School Graubünden carries out a performance mandate of the Canton of Graubünden.