Barbara Haller Rupf will take over the management of Academia Raetica on April 1, 2021. The non-profit association connects and represents the scientifically active institutions, clinics and universities in the canton of Graubünden.

Duri Bezzola will retire from the management of Academia Raetica, which is based in Davos, at the end of March 2021. In the future, he will devote more time to private interests and projects. The 56-year-old geographer and Executive MBA Barbara Haller Rupf from Felsberg came out on top in the open application process against numerous highly qualified applicants. She has worked in various management positions in education and tourism research in Switzerland and in China, among other places.

In the last six years, Duri Bezzola from Samedan made a significant contribution to the Academia Raetica in expanding networking, cooperation and representation of interests for the benefit of research in Graubünden. The services of the Graduate School Graubünden, its subsidiary, for scientists have been consolidated during this time and have received recognition (courses, congresses, information, public relations, etc.). At the end of 2020, the Graduate School Graubünden will be integrated into the Academia Raetica for structural streamlining. As of January 1, 2021, the cantonal government has again issued Academia Raetica a four-year performance mandate for the further development of the various services for science. Academia Raetica will thereby contribute to making the sciences in Graubünden a strong pillar of economic and social development and innovation. Academia Raetica also supports the government in the development and implementation of the cantonal strategies in the areas of higher education, research and innovation (HEI).

Since June 2020, Dr. Britta Allgöwer has presided over Academia Raetica as President and Prof. Jürg Kessler, Rector of the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden, as Vice President. To date, Allgöwer has served as director of the Lucerne Nature Museum, and also as president of the Graubünden Society for Natural Research and as a member of the Graubünden Cultural Commission, among other positions.