The Graduate School Graubünden is pleased to announce the decision of the cantonal government of May 30, 2017 to extend the performance mandate with the Graduate School Graubünden (a subsidiary of Academia Raetica) for one year. A new contract with an increased contribution for the years 2018-2020 is also anticipated. This will allow a the expansion of our services for researchers in Graubünden.

There is also news on the personnel level: Lukas Kreienbühl (Kuoni Global Travel Services Ltd) has joined the Board of Directors of the Graduate School Graubünden in April this year. The former CFO and COO of the AO Foundation has replaced Urs Jann. Over many years, Urs Jann, a founding member of Academia Raetica, has supported the growth of research in Graubünden in various committees of our organization.